Day 20: Coming unblocked

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The morning meditation was interesting this morning. I tried counting the breaths, which worked quite well for a while; I got as far as forty‐something before my thoughts drifted for long enough to lose count. But it was a tried morning; I think I drank coffee too late last night, and I had real trouble getting to sleep.

On the plus side, I managed to get some stuff done from my “To Do” list1, which I’ve been neglecting for far too long. Before I started the meditation, I’d cleared my “To Do” list of everything but writing‐related stuff, essential stuff, and some leisure stuff that shouldn’t distract me too much. This dumped about three quarters of the things from the list into my “someday I might get around to” file. However, the remaining shortened list has been sitting there solidly not being done for the best part of a month now.

Last night I did some stuff for the management committee at the flats, and I did all the stuff I’d been meaning to do with my personal website, which is pretty much a complete rewrite. And I did it all in about three hours of pretty solid work, with some pretty good concentration.

Still no writing of fiction, though, which is a problem. If I want to get published, I’ve got to get writing.

Anyway. My dinner just turned up (I’m writing this in the bar/restaurant of Bristol’s Watershed Arts Centre) so I’d better pay attention to eating it!

1Which I keep on Neptune, a “Getting Things Done” style web service.
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