25 Jul 2008

Annoying Error Messages #84234767

I like Spanning Sync. I like its ability to sync my Mac’s iCal calendars with Google Calendar. I especially like it since the fiasco that is MobileMe has stopped me even viewing my calendars from my Windows machine at work, for no readily-apparent reason. But sometimes I hate it. Mostly when I see the oh-so-helpful […]

20 Jul 2008

Emacs, Backspace, Help, and Panic’s Coda

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More as a reminder to myself: for some odd reason, the Terminal window in Panic’s otherwise most excellent Coda was giving me gyp with Emacs. Please, by the way, don’t ask me why I’d still fire up an Emacs window in what’s effectively a very pretty modern editing environment with some surprisingly powerful tools built into […]

19 Jul 2008

New site live

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I’m finally happy enough with the new look to declare this site well and truly live in its new incarnation. I’m sure I’ll fiddle with the design a bit, later, but I think I’ll try to give it a week or two. Going back and editing anything you’ve done is easier once you’ve got some […]

15 Jul 2008

Ohh, we’re nearly there

I think this site’s pretty much ready to go live. There’s probably a few things that don’t quite work in Internet Explorer, and I’ve had to back off from using real XHTML 1.1 so it renders in IE at all, but it works in all the modern browsers I’ve tried. I may do a release tonight […]

13 Jul 2008

New site coming soon

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I’m about 80% of the way through rewriting this site from scratch using XML, .html, CSS, XSLT and the delightful Coda. Not because there’s anything wrong with RapidWeaver, but because I wanted to learn more about coding web stuff. I’ve got most of it working pretty well. I’m working on the RSS feed at the […]