IE8, Crashes, Tab Recovery, and the Delicious Toolbar

Posted by on Apr 14, 2009 in Geekery | 3 Comments

Just a quick note for anyone having stability problems with Internet Explorer 8. IE8 was giving me all sorts of gyp. It kept on “recovering” tabs, crashing, disappearing, and generally behaving oddly. All I’d have to do was click on a couple of things in some websites and I could crash it every time. The excellent online GTD tool seeemed particularly badly affected, but most things were dying.

I finally tracked the problem down to the toolbar. As soon as I disabled the toolbar and restarted IE, the problem disappeared. Turn the toolbar back on, and my problems came back.

I was on the latest version, but I tried a couple of different versions and neither of them made any difference. I’ll probably just do without this toolbar (it’s only in one browser at work, anyway, I generally use either Safari or Firefox for my browsing) for a few months, then install the latest version and see if my problem’s gone away…

So, if you’re swearing at Microsoft a lot because of IE8 crashes, try disabling your toolbar and see if that changes anything…

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  1. Jason404
    August 27, 2009

    I am experiencing problems with tabs hanging in IE8, and I suspect the Delicious toolbar as well, but I only find you mentioning this when I searched through Google.

  2. Matt
    August 27, 2009

    I think I was having other issues as well — never did find out everything that was going on on that box; they had to rebuild it from scratch (it was a work computer, not my home one.) You could try re-installing IE8, I guess, and see if that helps…

  3. Jura Metall
    December 30, 2009

    I am having the same problem, but I do not use Delicious, so I will try reinstalling. I wonder what went wrong, because it was fine for a while and it only started about two weeks ago.