30 Dec 2007

Quotes and adverts and recommendations

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Added a Jeff Atwood quote, put Nozbe links in the sidebar, dropped the Skype Me link that nobody ever used, and added Spanning Sync to the list of applications.

19 Nov 2007

Quotes & Readability

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Added Alan Kay quotation, and darkened the font colour for body text across the site to make it more readable under Internet Explorer, which seems to have terrible problems rendering fonts legibly…

4 Nov 2007

Pictures and quotes and podcasts, oh my!

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As well as creating a completely new page for my favourite photographs, which links through to my Flickr photos page, I’ve added a Bruce Schneier quote to the quotes page, and popped The Long Now Foundation’s podcast to my podcasting page. I’m also going to update the Fave Mac Apps page to add RapidFlickr, which […]

29 Sep 2007

Jimmy Dean

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Just a quick update to put a Jimmy Dean (as opposed to James Dean) quote that I saw in a card shop on the Quotes page :)