24 Aug 2010

Travelling Matt

No, not that Travelling Matt. Me. For sometime before the year’s out, I have to do some international travel. Bleh. I’ve never enjoyed flying. Well, actually, no, I have no problem with flying per se. I enjoy gliders and light aircraft — I was even in the Air Training Corps for a brief period when I was […]

4 Aug 2010

Installing Markdown as an OS X Services Menu Item Using Automator

I just had a quick look around the web for ways to install Markdown translation as a Service (i.e. available from the Services menu) on my Mac. Most of the hits I got seemed to be quite old, and involved hacking about with an existing service for another text converter. So, I experimented. And the […]

16 May 2010

Getting the Apple iPhone Remote App Working With a ZyXEL Router

Yesterday I replaced my old Belkin router, which had been randomly blocking Safari from looking at websites where lots of small images loaded at once. I bought a shiny new ZyXEL P‑660HN. It’s a lovely little ADSL wireless router, it got a string of 5‑star reviews on eBuyer, and everything worked well out of the box. […]

31 May 2009

The Finder, the mini-Finder, and Cool Interactions

Lukas Mathis recently gave a lovely detailed analysis on his blog about how the Finder — and various other OS’s file managers — interact with applications when it comes to opening, saving and creating new files. This made me want to mention a couple of very nice interactions that the Finder has with applications at the kind of “should this […]

8 Dec 2008

WordPress 2.7 and Safari and the Infinite Login Loop

Ow. I just spent about an hour bashing my head against a brick wall. I’m trying out the WordPress 2.7 Release Candidate 1 at the moment, on a little local testbed. Which turned out to be my problem. I installed WordPress fine, on a domain I’d called “gothick_wp.test”, just set up locally on Apache. But […]