15 Feb 2017
12 Nov 2010

Pretty Poor Security, Apple!

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Apple just emailed me someone else’s account name and password. On Monday I got in touch with Apple’s MobileMe “Chat Support” service. I was having a problem with my MobileMe account. Specifically, I’d deleted an event in my local calendar, and it had disappeared from the MobileMe calendar, too, but it was still showing up […]

16 May 2010

Getting the Apple iPhone Remote App Working With a ZyXEL Router

Yesterday I replaced my old Belkin router, which had been randomly blocking Safari from looking at websites where lots of small images loaded at once. I bought a shiny new ZyXEL P‑660HN. It’s a lovely little ADSL wireless router, it got a string of 5‑star reviews on eBuyer, and everything worked well out of the box. […]

5 Aug 2008

Confusing Time Machine Error Message

Following on from my last post, here’s another in my series of confusing, annoying or just-plain-baffling error messages. “This backup is too large for the backup volume. The backup requires 1.2 GB, but only 1.5 GB are available.” Rrrrrright. Last time I looked, 1.2 was, in fact, smaller than 1.5. I think Apple may have […]