22 Jul 2010

Funny Characters

I’m just reading Joel Spolksy’s excellent 2003 article on Unicode and character sets, I think for the first time. If you’re a programmer and have the least bit of doubt about character encodings, I’d go read it now, if I were you. Not least because it’s so damn well written. The IBM-PC had something that […]

14 Jul 2010

Batch Processing Files in Audacity

I’ve just recorded a short screencast that shows you how to create a new chain in Audacity and apply it to multiple files. This lets you process a whole batch of audio files in pretty much any way of your choosing pretty painlessly. Probably best watched on YouTube itself in the original 480p (you may […]

1 Jul 2010

WordPress Twenty Ten Theme Flower Header

The new WordPress 3 comes with a pretty nice default theme, Twenty Ten. I predict this will be just as successful as the previous Kubrick default, i.e. all over the web, pretty soon, as will its eight default header graphics. If you want your blog to look at least a bit different from everyone else’s, […]