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The new WordPress 3 comes with a pretty nice default theme, Twenty Ten. I predict this will be just as successful as the previous Kubrick default, i.e. all over the web, pretty soon, as will its eight default header graphics.

If you want your blog to look at least a bit different from everyone else’s, adding a custom header picture is probably the best first step. Changing themes entirely would do a more radical job, but there won’t be many themes yet that take advantage of all the WordPress 3 features like Twenty Ten — which is built to showcase them — does.

So, here’s a couple of shiny header graphics I created from this snap of mine taken on last year’s Worldwide Photo Walk, and this one taken just this afternoon. These links take you through to the full-size versions; they’re pretty small files, weighing in 40KB max:

Daisy and Cosmos. If you want to use either image on any site, feel free: I’m licensing the photos under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license, so it’s okay to use commercially or non-commercially. If you can attribute it, even in a quick blog entry, and link back here or to Flickr, that would be nice, but I won’t shout if you don’t.

Once you’ve made your header, or grabbed mine, the page you want in the WordPress 3 Admin interface is under “Header”, under the “Appearance” sub-menu. It’ll be there by default in a fresh install of WordPress 3, as part of the Twenty Twenty theme.

Just upload the file using the top option there. There won’t be any prompt to crop the photo if you’ve used one that’s exactly 940x198 pixels. Both of the files above are exactly that size, so once you’ve uploaded the file, that should be the job done!

Wait for WordPress to tell you the new graphic is in place, then go view your site and you should see your new, non-default header, and have a WordPress site that doesn’t look exactly like all the other new WordPress 3 installs!

Creative Commons Licence
Daisy Daisy by Matt Gibson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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