31 May 2020

Long-form Lockdown Project: A Random Album Player

Long-form Lockdown Project: A Random Album Player

For the last couple of years, I’ve been trying to combat my shortening attention span, mostly by getting back into longer-form media. Books, for example: in 2019 I set myself a target of reading a couple of books a month, and actually managed to read 41 in the year. Based on that, my challenge this […]

12 Jan 2014

Obsolete Paper

Obsolete Paper

It’s Spring. Or it feels like it, anyway. So I’m pruning my (paper book) library, picking out anything from the shelves that I’ll never read again, or that has no sentimental value, and chucking it into a cardboard box to be taken to a charity shop. Sadly, though, there are some books that shouldn’t even […]

5 Jan 2012

Marco, on whether the e‑reader is “doomed” or not

Marco Arment has a good response to Matt Alexander’s suggestion that the e‑reader is already dead. Most telling for me was what I thought Marco was going to say in his last paragraph. I think it could equally well read: ‘I don’t think the e‑reader is “doomed” at all. It may just be relegated to […]

6 Nov 2010

Books Are Cheap

I’ve been prodded into this post by the recent Agency Pricing announcement on the UK Kindle discussion forums, and subsequent furore. But really this stems from a conversation I had with a friend a couple of weeks ago about e‑book pricing in general. My take on it is this: books are cheap. I believe that […]

7 Oct 2010

A Month With the New Kindle 3

Introduction ‘There are two kinds of fool. One says, “This is old, and therefore good.” And one says, “This is new, and therefore better.”’ — Dean Inge. In July, Amazon announced the new Kindle, the Kindle 31. From what I could gather, it didn’t seem to be a big leap forward, technically — more a gentle refinement of an […]