2 Mar 2009

T‑shirt ideas

Recently my brain has been coming up with random ideas for geeky t‑shirts. Having five minutes to spare with the excellent Freeverse Lineform to hand, I mocked them up. Render Encoding Comic   All t‑shirt ideas copyright © Matt Gibson 2009 Base t‑shirt image courtesy banj0e/stock.xchng

7 Feb 2009

Why Adobe AIR Apps Suck, Just Like Java Apps

Okay, don’t get me wrong. I use Adobe AIR applications, notably the almost-excellent TweetDeck (more of the “almost” in a second.) I also use Java applications. But I only use them when there’s no native alternative that does what I want. The reason is mostly in the user interface. The minor irritations that come with non-native […]

1 Feb 2009

Finder Image Previews Randomly Not Working

Just a quick note: if you’ve got problems in OS X with your Finder previews not showing up, apparently fairly randomly, I may have the answer. This was my problem: some of my JPEG (and other) previews would be fine, some would be just showing the default “it’s a JPEG” icon. Quick Look actually worked […]

8 Dec 2008

WordPress 2.7 and Safari and the Infinite Login Loop

Ow. I just spent about an hour bashing my head against a brick wall. I’m trying out the WordPress 2.7 Release Candidate 1 at the moment, on a little local testbed. Which turned out to be my problem. I installed WordPress fine, on a domain I’d called “gothick_wp.test”, just set up locally on Apache. But […]

13 Aug 2008

XVnc, GDM and gksu root access in Debian (Etch)

Notes to self: (and to any other poor fool who’s (a) been trying to get things set up with the rather elderly inetd.conf file format and (b) trying to get “run as root” applications working in GNOME and been getting various Authentication Rejected-style problems…) When setting up XVnc in inetd, make sure you provide argv[0], i.e. […]