25 Jul 2008

Annoying Error Messages #84234767

I like Spanning Sync. I like its ability to sync my Mac’s iCal calendars with Google Calendar. I especially like it since the fiasco that is MobileMe has stopped me even viewing my calendars from my Windows machine at work, for no readily-apparent reason. But sometimes I hate it. Mostly when I see the oh-so-helpful […]

20 Jul 2008

Emacs, Backspace, Help, and Panic’s Coda

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More as a reminder to myself: for some odd reason, the Terminal window in Panic’s otherwise most excellent Coda was giving me gyp with Emacs. Please, by the way, don’t ask me why I’d still fire up an Emacs window in what’s effectively a very pretty modern editing environment with some surprisingly powerful tools built […]

2 Jul 2008

Big Fat Tweets

Yes, it’s been a while, but what do you expect from an experimental play-blog when the intrepid blogger has been busy with Greek evening classes? I’m breaking radio silence because something Russell Davies said the other day prompted another of my occasional bouts of playing with Quartz Composer. Russell was bemoaning the lack of a […]

14 Mar 2008

Using OS X fonts in ImageMagick

Introduction This is a short explanation of how I got my OS X fonts working in ImageMagick. I won’t guarantee that it’s the best way — leave me a comment if you know better — but it’s what I did. This worked for me on OS X Leopard 10.5.2, with ImageMagick 6.3.3. I used MacPorts to grab one bit […]

28 Feb 2008

Google Errors

Why can’t every error message in the world have a GUID? Every single one? Seriously. How many times have you copied and pasted the text out of an error message so you could put it into Google1? How many times did you have to fiddle about with it, maybe to take your specific filename out […]