28 Apr 2011

WordPress Header Images

This is a collection of flower-themed header images designed for the WordPress Twenty Ten theme. All the headers are based on photos I took myself in Bristol. The images strike a good balance between picture quality and file-size (each full-size image weighs in at a maximum 41KB.) To use these, first download the images to […]

12 Nov 2010

Pretty Poor Security, Apple!

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Apple just emailed me someone else’s account name and password. On Monday I got in touch with Apple’s MobileMe “Chat Support” service. I was having a problem with my MobileMe account. Specifically, I’d deleted an event in my local calendar, and it had disappeared from the MobileMe calendar, too, but it was still showing up […]

26 Oct 2010

Serving Websites Using S3 and CloudFront’s Default Root Object

A Better Solution! A couple of years after this blog post was written, Amazon added features to S3/Route 53 to allow static sites with or without the “www” name, so you don’t need to follow the below rather complicated routine. See their blog post on the matter for full details and a walkthrough of the […]

7 Oct 2010

A Month With the New Kindle 3

Introduction ‘There are two kinds of fool. One says, “This is old, and therefore good.” And one says, “This is new, and therefore better.”’ — Dean Inge. In July, Amazon announced the new Kindle, the Kindle 31. From what I could gather, it didn’t seem to be a big leap forward, technically — more a gentle refinement of an already […]

3 Sep 2009

Snow Leopard Blues

I’ve not upgraded to Snow Leopard. And I’m not sure whether I will, anytime soon. This is unusual for me. I’m normally a bleeding-edge, early adopter type. I’ll happily install the .0 release of Apple things the day after they come out. So, according to the marketing hype, Snow Leopard should be a no-brainer for me. […]