5 Mar 2013

Screenflow and Flowtility

I’ve owned Telestream’s Screenflow for a while. It’s an excellent screen capture app for the Mac, and seems to be the one most people recommend for recording screencasts. Until recently, I’d never given it a full workout. Mostly I was just recording the screen and throwing the barely-edited results up on YouTube to show people how to […]

9 Feb 2013

Making a Dragon

I’ve had a Walter Ruffler Paper Machines kit of a Chinese dragon waiting for me to get around to building it for a very long time. More than a year, in fact, as it was a birthday pressie last year. I finally got around to it. I also used it as the first proper test of […]

30 Apr 2011

A Year of DailyBooth

It’s been about a year since I started using DailyBooth to take a snapshot of myself. I’ve not kept it up every day, but yesterday I hit the 300 photo mark. As luck would have it, my friend Jose mentioned Pummelvision to me over lunch today. Pummelvision is a service that creates videos from still photos, […]