20 Aug 2007

Black cats and ladders and luck, oh my!

My latest article has just been published by Null Hypothesis.  More fun and fluff, this time on the subject of supersition.

12 Aug 2007


One of my areas of creativity aside from writing is photography, and I just received an email to say that two of my Flickr photos (which I normally licence under the loosest Creative Commons licence) have been used in the “Schmap Bristol Guide.” So, here and here are my photos of the Arnolfini and the […]

8 Aug 2007

Null Biog Page

I’ve just sent in my latest contribution to Null Hypothesis, which, all going well, should be up in a couple of weeks.  I also sent them a little bio and a picture, and I now have my own page in the Null rogues gallery, with links to all my (two so far) articles…

4 Aug 2007

Added “Updates” feature and a couple of more software picks

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Just added this RSS feed to the site; whenever I stick a new favourite app on my list, or make other changes which people might want to be notified of, I’ll post something here… Today I added MenuMeters and SoundSource to my Fave Apps page :)