21 Jul 2013

The first hundred’s the most difficult…

Well, that’s sweet. My first little app for iOS — trivial, but it seems to fill a certain niche — just hit $100 in revenue. I released it a couple of months back, so it’s therefore earning me about £30 a month. Not exactly earth-shattering cash, but it’s better than nothing, and more importantly means that I’ve taken an […]

19 Feb 2013

Making a thing that goes “Bong!”

I’ve been meditating for a while. For decades, in fact, on and off. I normally use a meditation timer provided by a plug-in to the Mac app pzizz, whose primary function is actually getting you off to sleep, or power napping. But pzizz doesn’t seem to be supported any more, and I wanted something a […]

23 Mar 2012

Make Life Easier with Photography Support Apps

Last Friday morning, my friend Jess tweeted about the humungous superyacht that’s currently lurking in Bristol Harbour (clearly a James Bond villain is in town.) There was lots of activity in the harbour – tugs moving, the Harbour Master zipping around, that sort of thing. Could it be moving out of the harbour today? If […]

9 Jun 2011

Fantastical adds better Alfred support

FAO Mac keyboardistas. I am very much enjoying Alfred as a Quicksilver replacement; it’s a great app with great support. With easy Fantastical support as well, it’s even better. Now I just kick off Alfred and type “f tomorrow 10pm Ian’s party” to add a new appointment to my iCal calendar. Nice. preppeller: Just a […]

27 Feb 2008

Apps Update

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Fave Apps page: updated NetNewsWire and FeedDemon details (they’re now free), added Airfoil and Reference Tracker.