15 May 2010

I Has Made a Web Site

This is just like when you post what you think is a really fucking original photo to Flickr and the first fucking comment you get is “Hi! I’m an admin for the ‘Upside-down photos of penguins wearing bobblehats (shot on Velvia)’ group, and we’d love to have your photo added to the 2,947,341 photos that […]

17 Sep 2008

Book Published!

Hurrah! As Hayley, my erstwhile editor, notes in her blog, the book that I wrote a moderate chunk of last year has now been published: Defining Moments in Science: Over a Century of the Greatest Scientists, Discoveries, Inventions and Events That Rocked the Scientific World Disclaimer: I don’t actually have a copy of it yet, […]

26 Mar 2008

New Null Blog Entry

I just posted my first contribution to the Null Hypothesis Unlikely Science blog. That’s the first thing I’ve properly written and published anywhere outside my own blog since I finished the last batch of book articles for them. I’m working on a lot of content for a new website at the moment, so I’m still […]

21 Dec 2007

New Article: Christmas Nuts

I have a new article up on the Null Hypothesis website. It’s called Christmas Nuts, and it’s a careful, indepth analysis of psychiatric problems at Christmas. Not.

16 Nov 2007

Going well…

Just a quick update: I’ve been writing articles for the book I mentioned in my last post. I sent my editor the first batch of ten articles, and she asked me for ten more, which I guess has to be a good sign, but has kept me very busy. The good news is that with […]