29 Nov 2007

Another two photos used

Two more of my Creative Commons-licensed photos got used this week, for very different purposes. First off, one of my photos of St. Mary Redcliffe is going to be used in the next issue of the journal of the Society for Church Archaeology. And today’s entry on the oil pipeline explosion in Minnesota in Steve […]

25 Nov 2007

New Look

I’ve spent a fair chunk of this week learning about CSS and WordPress, because I figured both of those could come in handy, so here’s the new site design for your delectation. It’s almost entirely aesthetic update. The banner heading is from one of my own photographs, taken at Bristol Uni’s Botanic Garden earlier on […]

23 Nov 2007

Also On

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Added “iLike” to my “Also On” section on the Welcome page.

22 Nov 2007

More feed changes

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Updated feed name from the RapidWeaver defaults I’ve been using all this time :)

22 Nov 2007


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Changed the feed date format to something a bit more international, and also started pinging technorati et. al.