22 Nov 2007

More trimming

Writing twenty 250-word articles has sensitised me to wasted words. Have trimmed down the Welcome page, the Apps page, and a few other things. None of the content’s changed, it’s just got shorter!

22 Nov 2007

Top Floor!

Added link to the fabulous “Tips from the Top Floor” on the Fave Podcasts page, and also trimmed the podcast descriptions (Krug’s third law of usability: “Get rid of half the words on each page, then get rid of half of what’s left.”)  Dropped the Neat Little Mac Apps podcast, as it seems to be […]

19 Nov 2007

Quotes & Readability

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Added Alan Kay quotation, and darkened the font colour for body text across the site to make it more readable under Internet Explorer, which seems to have terrible problems rendering fonts legibly…

19 Nov 2007

Random observation

Life is fractal. Every day is a life in microcosm. If you put little things off until 11pm and then do them badly, then you’ll put the bigger things in life off until you’re 80 and then do them badly, too.

16 Nov 2007

Going well…

Just a quick update: I’ve been writing articles for the book I mentioned in my last post. I sent my editor the first batch of ten articles, and she asked me for ten more, which I guess has to be a good sign, but has kept me very busy. The good news is that with […]