30 Dec 2007

Quotes and adverts and recommendations

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Added a Jeff Atwood quote, put Nozbe links in the sidebar, dropped the Skype Me link that nobody ever used, and added Spanning Sync to the list of applications.

21 Dec 2007

New Article: Christmas Nuts

I have a new article up on the Null Hypothesis website. It’s called Christmas Nuts, and it’s a careful, indepth analysis of psychiatric problems at Christmas. Not.

5 Dec 2007

Screencast: Creating an iTunes Music Visualizer in Quartz Composer

I’ve put together a basic screencast tutorial which introduces you to Apple’s Quartz Composer, the graphical programming environment which ships with OS X. Quartz Composer is a graphics generator, capable of drawing 3D graphics, animations, and all sorts of Good Stuff. And you make it work just by dragging little boxes about and connecting them […]

2 Dec 2007

Please describe any steps needed to trigger the problem…

Sometimes, I really wish I was an Apple devleoper. Not because I’d like to work in the funky headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, although I imagine it’s quite fun. I don’t even want to score myself a free iPhone — well, not until they come with 3G, anyway. No, I want to read their error reports. […]