16 Jan 2014

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

You might find some strange, occasional hiccups with this blog and possibly its RSS feed over the next week or two.

22 Aug 2011

The Road Ahead

Over the last few years, I’ve slowly been enjoying my day job less and less. It went in one direction as I went in another. Still, it was a decent source of monthly income, and while it was challenging work, on one level it was at least easy to keep on doing it, day after day. […]

1 Jan 2009

Gadfly Mind Meld

For the last couple of years, I’ve maintained a personal site here at gothick.org.uk and my rambly, tech‑y, meditate‑y blog, Gadfly Mind, elsewhere. Over the last couple of months, I’ve gradually moved to a point where I can easily merge them both together (getting them both using WordPress, for example.) And now I’ve done it. Everything […]

21 Dec 2007

New Article: Christmas Nuts

I have a new article up on the Null Hypothesis website. It’s called Christmas Nuts, and it’s a careful, indepth analysis of psychiatric problems at Christmas. Not.