18 Aug 2008


Meh. I just failed to manage even a twenty-minute meditation. I got through about 15 half-arsed minutes, then couldn’t continue. The mug of half-caffeinated coffee I had before I started may have some connection (I ran out of decaf, dammit. I should have had green tea.) I’m feeling completely scattered and unable to concentrate. Think I’ll […]

13 Aug 2008

XVnc, GDM and gksu root access in Debian (Etch)

Notes to self: (and to any other poor fool who’s (a) been trying to get things set up with the rather elderly inetd.conf file format and (b) trying to get “run as root” applications working in GNOME and been getting various Authentication Rejected-style problems…) When setting up XVnc in inetd, make sure you provide argv[0], i.e. […]

11 Aug 2008


I’ve started meditating again. I’ve been getting a lot more scattered recently, so last week I began with twenty minutes per day of simple zazen. I skipped a day, possibly two, mostly because I’m just not back properly in the habit yet. So, I figured I’d start tracking my progress here again; at least I’ll know […]

5 Aug 2008

Confusing Time Machine Error Message

Following on from my last post, here’s another in my series of confusing, annoying or just-plain-baffling error messages. “This backup is too large for the backup volume. The backup requires 1.2 GB, but only 1.5 GB are available.” Rrrrrright. Last time I looked, 1.2 was, in fact, smaller than 1.5. I think Apple may have […]