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I’ve started meditating again. I’ve been getting a lot more scattered recently, so last week I began with twenty minutes per day of simple zazen. I skipped a day, possibly two, mostly because I’m just not back properly in the habit yet.

So, I figured I’d start tracking my progress here again; at least I’ll know how many days I skip and get some idea of whether I’m making any progress (well, maybe “progress” is the wrong word; it can certainly lead you up the garden path. But I know what I mean…)

One interesting coincidence — the same week I decided to take meditation back up, the makers of the funky software pzizz decided to release a new module for it — the meditation module.

The new module is very simple — basically just a timer with a configurable interval chime — and is not huge advantage over the donation-ware Minuteur that I was previously using. However, (a) I already own pzizz, and (b) the chime sample they use for the interval is completely gorgeous. So, I’m definitely using pzizz as my timer from now on.

If you have any problems sleeping or think your days could be improved by power-napping, then try pzizz anyway; it’s an excellent product, and one of the more innovative (read: odd) bits of software I’ve ever used.

One final note: if you’re interested in taking up meditation, you could do a lot worse than take advantage of the Introduction to Meditation audio recordings and PDF handouts from the most excellent Gil Fronsdal, who also provides excellent Dharma talks for the Zencast podcast.

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