18 Aug 2008


Meh. I just failed to manage even a twenty-minute meditation. I got through about 15 half-arsed minutes, then couldn’t continue. The mug of half-caffeinated coffee I had before I started may have some connection (I ran out of decaf, dammit. I should have had green tea.) I’m feeling completely scattered and unable to concentrate. Think I’ll […]

11 Aug 2008


I’ve started meditating again. I’ve been getting a lot more scattered recently, so last week I began with twenty minutes per day of simple zazen. I skipped a day, possibly two, mostly because I’m just not back properly in the habit yet. So, I figured I’d start tracking my progress here again; at least I’ll know […]

31 Jul 2007

Day 33: The Big Monthly Review

So. I just read back all the entries so far. I’m going to try to summarise the bigger events and recurring themes, then I’m going to decide where I should go from here. The month as a whole has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. Meditation first, I think.  Meditation I’ve had insights and observations and […]

30 Jul 2007

Day 32: Not Quite the Monthly Review

Today’s morning meditation session didn’t go well at all; too tired, still, too much processing to do from the weekend, generally just too drifty and droopy-eyed. As for the month-end review, I’ve let myself off the hook for today. I noticed that my first meditation entry said that I’d give myself until the end of […]

29 Jul 2007

Days 30 and 31: Sleep Deprivation and Content

I’ve been at a stag weekend all weekend. I meditated yesterday morning, and it wasn’t brilliant, but I was in a hotel room, out of my usual environment, and under time pressure. Today I’ve not meditated yet, but I may try, simply to see how well I do considering how little sleep I’ve had and […]