14 Apr 2009

IE8, Crashes, Tab Recovery, and the Delicious Toolbar

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Just a quick note for anyone having stability problems with Internet Explorer 8. IE8 was giving me all sorts of gyp. It kept on “recovering” tabs, crashing, disappearing, and generally behaving oddly. All I’d have to do was click on a couple of things in some websites and I could crash it every time. The […]

11 Apr 2009


I introduce the tweetpad, a paper-based Twitter interface, for those of us who occasionally take a break from technology, but who still want to record 140-character fragments of their day. Features: Pocket size 140 characters, with emergency overflow line No batteries required Mac‑, Windows- and Linux-compatible Helvetica Neue Soon to be available in a Java version, […]

5 Apr 2009

Remote from Reality

This is what DVD player remote controls are like in reality, and what I think they should actually be like. Credits: Most of the work for this was done in Lineform, but I grabbed it into the Gimp to bump-map the buttons into a 3D look at the end. Remote From Reality by Matt Gibson is licensed […]