24 Aug 2010

Travelling Matt

No, not that Travelling Matt. Me. For sometime before the year’s out, I have to do some international travel. Bleh. I’ve never enjoyed flying. Well, actually, no, I have no problem with flying per se. I enjoy gliders and light aircraft — I was even in the Air Training Corps for a brief period when I was […]

19 Aug 2010

Five Obscure Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Yes, it’s a list post, with a prime number of items, to boot. Sue me. Here’s five of the more obscure Mac keyboard shortcuts I use, plus some bonus tips for good measure. If you know about all of them already, you’re probably really über-geeky (umlaut tip: hit Option‑U to prepare an umlaut; it’ll then appear […]

11 Aug 2010

An Experiment in Time

Several people have asked me how I Get Stuff Done™. I think I’m going to start a little series of blog entries about productivity, time, energy and wotnot. I’m no expert in this, and I probably fail more than I succeed. But sharing both the successes and the failures might help, I guess. One thing that’s […]

4 Aug 2010

Installing Markdown as an OS X Services Menu Item Using Automator

I just had a quick look around the web for ways to install Markdown translation as a Service (i.e. available from the Services menu) on my Mac. Most of the hits I got seemed to be quite old, and involved hacking about with an existing service for another text converter. So, I experimented. And the […]

2 Aug 2010

Merlin Mann on Time and Attention

I feel like a doctor… and I feel like periodically I get this stream of people who are almost dead from a brain tumour the size of a volleyball, and they mainly want me to find out where they can get bigger hats. And with all of my might, I try to say to them: […]