13 Apr 2014

Progress Jars

Progress Jars

I’m trying to collect together my best photos. While I’ve mostly been good at processing photos and rating them in Lightroom as I take them, my quality standards have changed over time. This happens to all photographers: a photo that you thought was great five years ago might look pretty rubbish to you now. You’ve […]

30 Jan 2013

New Phrase

To polish your pomodoro: To procrastinate by wasting time improving your system for getting things done. (I just caught myself literally polishing my pomodoro. Though mine’s technically a peperone; I couldn’t find a tomato in the shop.)

3 Sep 2012

How to Survive Being a Beginner

I’ve been learning lots of new things recently. Learning Java and the Android API, pretty much from scratch, so I could port Get Running from iPhone to Android, for example. And, since I went freelance, learning lots of things I don’t, in all honesty, care quite as much about as programming, like accountancy and company […]

11 Aug 2010

An Experiment in Time

Several people have asked me how I Get Stuff Done™. I think I’m going to start a little series of blog entries about productivity, time, energy and wotnot. I’m no expert in this, and I probably fail more than I succeed. But sharing both the successes and the failures might help, I guess. One thing that’s […]