19 Jun 2011

Linen Backdrop

Here are some linen-textured backgrounds, with a vignette added, that I think work pretty nicely as a backdrop. The size/aspect ratio here (1920x1080) works well on both my iMac and MacBook Air — let me know if you’d like me to generate a different size. (All created with Pixelmator, mostly because it has an extra random noise […]

19 Jun 2011

Clean Linen

I’ve just been fooling around in Pixelmator, and created some quite nice-looking (if I do say so myself) linen-style desktop backgrounds for my iMac and MacBook. You can find them over here, under my “Software and Freebies” area. Here’s a small version of one of them, to give you the idea: Enjoy!

9 Jun 2011

Fantastical adds better Alfred support

FAO Mac keyboardistas. I am very much enjoying Alfred as a Quicksilver replacement; it’s a great app with great support. With easy Fantastical support as well, it’s even better. Now I just kick off Alfred and type “f tomorrow 10pm Ian’s party” to add a new appointment to my iCal calendar. Nice. preppeller: Just a […]