Linen Backdrop

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Here are some linen-textured backgrounds, with a vignette added, that I think work pretty nicely as a backdrop. The size/aspect ratio here (1920x1080) works well on both my iMac and MacBook Air — let me know if you’d like me to generate a different size.

(All created with Pixelmator, mostly because it has an extra random noise generator on top of the Quartz one that Acorn also provides, which is much more random. Using Acorn, I couldn’t find any way of generating “random” noise over a large area that didn’t show up obvious patterns.)

Monochrome linen (download here):
Monochrome linen
Blue/Grey linen (download here):
Blue/Grey linen
Aged linen (download here):
Aged linen 
Turquoise linen (download here):
Turquoise linen
Cyan linen (download here):
Cyan linen
Violet linen (download here):
Violet linen
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