30 Mar 2013

AD10: When Is a Walk Not a Walk?

When it’s an artist date, of course. I’m ill. I’m also behind on my artist dates. And it’s only March.  Today I struggled out of my sickbed to go to the Post Office, as I had to send off a couple of eBay parcels — I’m selling off some of my old camera gear, as there were a […]

16 Mar 2013

AD9: Snapping A Door

AD9: Snapping A Door

For this week’s artist date, I found a gorgeous old door and spent an hour getting to know it better through photography.

5 Mar 2013

Screenflow and Flowtility

I’ve owned Telestream’s Screenflow for a while. It’s an excellent screen capture app for the Mac, and seems to be the one most people recommend for recording screencasts. Until recently, I’d never given it a full workout. Mostly I was just recording the screen and throwing the barely-edited results up on YouTube to show people how to […]

4 Mar 2013

AD8: Blue Velvet

Artist dates don’t have to involve getting out of the house. On Saturday I did a quick catch-up artist date, as going to Portsmouth the weekend before, and running the Bath Half Marathon yesterday ate up a fair bit of my available artist date time. Instead of going out, I stayed in, and watched a film […]

1 Mar 2013

The Cyclist

This story was written as homework for Billy Muir’s Short Fiction course at the Bristol Folk House. It was inspired by a report in the Bristol Post. Infirmary “It was on Thursday. Valentine’s Day.” “Yes, sergeant. I remember reading about him in Friday’s Post. No one’s come forward?” “No one useful.” Inspector Hardwick looked down […]