19 Jun 2011

Clean Linen

I’ve just been fooling around in Pixelmator, and created some quite nice-looking (if I do say so myself) linen-style desktop backgrounds for my iMac and MacBook. You can find them over here, under my “Software and Freebies” area. Here’s a small version of one of them, to give you the idea: Enjoy!

19 May 2011

Building a Lorenz Attractor In XSLT

I have been clearing my desk, physically and metaphorically, getting ready for my next big thing. One of the things on my desk was my research and experiments in generating a Lorenz Attractor fractal directly in web browsers using pure XSLT, just to prove it could be done. I have finally polished up my results, and […]

1 Jul 2010

WordPress Twenty Ten Theme Flower Header

The new WordPress 3 comes with a pretty nice default theme, Twenty Ten. I predict this will be just as successful as the previous Kubrick default, i.e. all over the web, pretty soon, as will its eight default header graphics. If you want your blog to look at least a bit different from everyone else’s, […]

9 Mar 2010

Taking Screenshots from the Command Line in OS X

I was so impressed with this I had to share. I was looking for a way of taking screen shots of a user taking a screen shot. Yes, that’s a bit meta. Basically, I wanted to grab some screen shots for a tutorial piece on how to capture screen shots on a Mac. So I wanted […]

5 Apr 2009

Remote from Reality

This is what DVD player remote controls are like in reality, and what I think they should actually be like. Credits: Most of the work for this was done in Lineform, but I grabbed it into the Gimp to bump-map the buttons into a 3D look at the end. Remote From Reality by Matt Gibson is licensed […]