1 Jul 2007

Day Three: Sneezing Gadfly

I slipped easily back into my usual Sunday routine this morning, only remembering that I was supposed to meditate when I was in the bath. What I was doing in the bath was reading, and there now follows a small digression about books: In the bath, I finished reading a Raymond Chandler novel that I’ve been reading […]

30 Jun 2007

Day Two: Fifteen minute solo

Yowser. That was difficult. My first difficulty was actually getting around to the meditation. I put it off quite a bit this morning, and it was more than an hour after I got up that I got around to it. Just before I was about to start, I wanted to find a countdown timer application on […]

29 Jun 2007

Day One

I went to the meditation class this evening, as planned. The meditation practice involved a fair bit of mantra-chanting, which probably isn’t my strongest suit (I have a hard enough time concentrating without worrying about being in key…) That being said, I learned one major thing: I’m tired. Really tired. In this class and the first […]

29 Jun 2007

The Beginning of the Journey

This is my commitment to meditation. I’m going to meditate every day for the next month. The end of July makes a good target, in fact, so it’ll be a bit more than a month. I’m also going to blog every day, where practical, both about my experiences of the meditation, and my experiences of my […]