The Beginning of the Journey

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This is my commitment to meditation. I’m going to meditate every day for the next month. The end of July makes a good target, in fact, so it’ll be a bit more than a month.

I’m also going to blog every day, where practical, both about my experiences of the meditation, and my experiences of my levels of focus during the day. I’m hoping very much that the meditation will help me concentrate, helping me in my writing, and in my day job.

Today I noticed that I was having big problems concentrating at work. There were a vast number of little tasks that needed doing and I barely got around to any of them. I spent a lot of time getting distracted by unimportant stuff.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve not been getting around to writing anything in the evenings, either. I should be working on my novel, or other fiction, or on the article I should be writing (deadline next week), but I’ve not had either the energy or the focus. Partly it’s not actually sitting down to work, partly it’s not focusing once I’m sitting down.

One of the inspirations for this experiment was a meditation class I attended on Saturday (arranged by the Sri Chinmoy centre in Bristol.) This evening I’m going to a followup course, which should hopefully get me going in the right direction.

Edit: The Brazilian teacher was from the class I attended was Ashirvad Zaiantchik. He was excellent, so I wanted to make sure I noted his name here after asking in a subsequent class!

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