15 Dec 2014

Burn Rate

Burn Rate

Listening to Episode 18 of the Analogue1 podcast, on the topic of self confidence, I was nodding in sympathy as Casey was comparing his photography to that of another photographer, and finding himself wanting. It’s easy to do — you look through someone’s photo stream on Flickr, say, and are blown away by how much better their […]

6 Nov 2014

PSA: The UE Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

PSA: The UE Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

This is not a review, but more of a public service announcement. If you want a review of Logitech’s “Ultimate Ears” Mini Boom portable bluetooth speaker, you should go read The Wirecutter’s excellent review, which is what convinced me to try it. I just wanted to acknowledge here that their review is spot on — this thing is […]

5 Jan 2012

Marco, on whether the e‑reader is “doomed” or not

Marco Arment has a good response to Matt Alexander’s suggestion that the e‑reader is already dead. Most telling for me was what I thought Marco was going to say in his last paragraph. I think it could equally well read: ‘I don’t think the e‑reader is “doomed” at all. It may just be relegated to […]

31 Mar 2011

An Out-of-Book Experience

I’ve been enjoying some HP Lovecraft on my Kindle recently. This is thanks to Cthulu Chick, who has produced a free, Kindle-friendly Complete Works of HP Lovecraft (also compatible with most other book readers.) This evening, on the ferry home from a long day at work, I pulled out my Kindle, turned it on, clicked into […]

6 Nov 2010

Books Are Cheap

I’ve been prodded into this post by the recent Agency Pricing announcement on the UK Kindle discussion forums, and subsequent furore. But really this stems from a conversation I had with a friend a couple of weeks ago about e‑book pricing in general. My take on it is this: books are cheap. I believe that […]