16 May 2010

Getting the Apple iPhone Remote App Working With a ZyXEL Router

Yesterday I replaced my old Belkin router, which had been randomly blocking Safari from looking at websites where lots of small images loaded at once. I bought a shiny new ZyXEL P‐660HN. It’s a lovely little ADSL wireless router, it got a string of 5‐star reviews on eBuyer, and everything worked well out of the […]

15 May 2010

I Has Made a Web Site

This is just like when you post what you think is a really fucking original photo to Flickr and the first fucking comment you get is “Hi! I’m an admin for the ‘Upside‐down photos of penguins wearing bobblehats (shot on Velvia)’ group, and we’d love to have your photo added to the 2,947,341 photos that […]

8 May 2010

Parcel Farce

I ordered a replacement WiFi router the other day, from eBuyer. Earlier on this week I got a card through the door saying that Parcelforce had tried to deliver it. On the Parcelforce website, I found that I could re‐arrange delivery to a local Post Office, and pick it up from there. So, I did […]