30 Apr 2011

A Year of DailyBooth

It’s been about a year since I started using DailyBooth to take a snapshot of myself. I’ve not kept it up every day, but yesterday I hit the 300 photo mark. As luck would have it, my friend Jose mentioned Pummelvision to me over lunch today. Pummelvision is a service that creates videos from still photos, […]

28 Apr 2011

WordPress Header Images

This is a collection of flower-themed header images designed for the WordPress Twenty Ten theme. All the headers are based on photos I took myself in Bristol. The images strike a good balance between picture quality and file-size (each full-size image weighs in at a maximum 41KB.) To use these, first download the images to […]

13 Apr 2011

Review: TrendyDigital Waterguard Plus Kindle 3 Case

I have a couple of things in common with the late Douglas Adams. Unfortunately, those couple of things aren’t a talent for fiction and a substantial collection of expensive guitars. No, instead I share his passion for technology and his love of taking very long baths1. I’ve now combined those two interests, by buying the […]

2 Apr 2011

Flickr Noir

This was an elderly blog post about my browser extension that would turn a Flickr photo black and white, but that’s long-defunct now. Sorry!