19 Sep 2016

Kindle Calendar

Kindle Calendar

Mostly photos of my latest project today. I write morning pages, longhand. I like to write the date at the top of the page. This causes me more problems that you might expect, given that I’m ditzy first thing in the morning, and have recently switched from a watch with a date display to one without. My cure for […]

13 Jun 2014

Anker Kindle Paperwhite Case Review

My elderly Kindle “Keyboard” started having battery issues just before a recent trip to Crete, so I nipped into John Lewis and picked up a shiny new second generation Kindle Paperwhite. I didn’t want to fork out for an expensive cover while I was there, though, so I used a Jiffy bag to protect the […]

5 Jan 2012

Marco, on whether the e‑reader is “doomed” or not

Marco Arment has a good response to Matt Alexander’s suggestion that the e‑reader is already dead. Most telling for me was what I thought Marco was going to say in his last paragraph. I think it could equally well read: ‘I don’t think the e‑reader is “doomed” at all. It may just be relegated to […]

13 Apr 2011

Review: TrendyDigital Waterguard Plus Kindle 3 Case

I have a couple of things in common with the late Douglas Adams. Unfortunately, those couple of things aren’t a talent for fiction and a substantial collection of expensive guitars. No, instead I share his passion for technology and his love of taking very long baths1. I’ve now combined those two interests, by buying the […]

31 Mar 2011

An Out-of-Book Experience

I’ve been enjoying some HP Lovecraft on my Kindle recently. This is thanks to Cthulu Chick, who has produced a free, Kindle-friendly Complete Works of HP Lovecraft (also compatible with most other book readers.) This evening, on the ferry home from a long day at work, I pulled out my Kindle, turned it on, clicked into […]