17 Jan 2013

Bristol and the Myth of the British High Street

The media wake of HMV’s demise features a lot of claims about the death of the British high street. It prompted me to figure out why I stopped going to HMV.  Thinking back, it wasn’t because the stock was overpriced. It wasn’t because I couldn’t find what I wanted, though I often couldn’t. Unlike Virgin, it […]

3 Aug 2012

Shooting Balloons

The 2012 Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is next weekend, 9th-12th August. I love the Balloon Fiesta. From the 6am mass ascents to the cheesy musical chaos of the Night Glows and the fireworks late at night, it’s a great show. The early morning mass ascents — co-ordinated take-offs of a hundred or more hot air balloons, all drifting […]