22 Oct 2016

Owner Retire

Owner Retire

I’ve been drunkenly getting fish and chips or crispy chilli beef from this combination Chinese/fish and chip shop on the Hotwell Road since I moved to Hotwells in 1999. There was nothing particularly splendid about it, but the owner was friendly and the food was decent and I will miss it being there. I always like the stained glass […]

11 Aug 2013



Three of my photos from the Balloon Fiesta this weekend. It’s been good. Though I was too knackered to get up for the mass ascent this morning, which was a shame, as it looked like nice blue skies…

28 Feb 2013

AD7: King of Bristol: Climbing Cabot Tower

I’m playing catchup on my artist dates, as I managed to miss one last week, having gone to Porstmouth for the weekend on fairly short notice. As you do. Yesterday, therefore, I went for a bit of a walk, to visit a place that really says “Bristol” to me, but which I’ve not visited for years […]

6 Feb 2013

AD5: A Brief Jaunt to Sea Mills

Sometimes I don’t feel so great when I wake up. If I sleep badly, which I seem to be doing a fair bit at the moment, I can wake up tired and headachy and not quite knowing what to do with myself. That’s how I woke up on Wednesday this week. So, I didn’t do much […]

1 Feb 2013

AD4: Pervasive Media Studio

I’ve often seen signs for the Pervasive Media Studio around the Watershed. And I walked past the back door every working day for a few years. But I’ve never really known what it is. So, when I saw they were having an open day as part of Digital Bristol Week, I signed up for a tour. […]