3 Oct 2020

Improving the Home Working Setup

Improving the Home Working Setup

I’ve made a couple of improvements to the home working setup recently. The first was upgrading my monitor, helped along by a generous donation from my parents (thanks!) I went from an elderly-but-OK AOC display that I happened to find lying around the house in March, when the first lockdown started, to a 29″ LG […]

12 Sep 2020

Small Improvements

Small Improvements

12/30 in my September photo-a-day. Well, they can’t all be artistic photos. One thing I’ve been doing to keep my sanity as the work-from-home months have progressed is to regularly re-visit my setup and see if it can be improved. I don’t always have the money to make any major upgrades — I’m still umming and ahhing over […]

3 Sep 2012

How to Survive Being a Beginner

I’ve been learning lots of new things recently. Learning Java and the Android API, pretty much from scratch, so I could port Get Running from iPhone to Android, for example. And, since I went freelance, learning lots of things I don’t, in all honesty, care quite as much about as programming, like accountancy and company […]

9 Feb 2012

Early Morning Call

This is the first in a series of posts on being productive when working from home. After quitting my job, I studied for a while, then started work on porting Get Running — an iPhone app I’d already been tangentially involved with — to Android. (Don’t get too excited, Android fans; we’re in the “R&D” stage at the moment, […]