16 Dec 2011

iTunes Match and the Podcast Playlist Problem

EDIT: Whoop! Looks like YouOverRotated’s comment below was spot-on. Thanks! See my new post on how that suggestion got my playlist syncing working again. Oh, iTunes. Does it have to be this way? So, I now have iTunes Match, with all of its associated Cloudy goodness. But I also have a problem. Can anyone help me […]

19 Jul 2011

Little Lion Luxuries

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I’m sure the release of Lion will be accompanied by an entire pride of in-depth reviews. In fact, people have been doing warm-ups to get ready for John Siracusa’s mammoth review… So, instead of digging too deep, or tackling any of the more controversial features — and it’ll be interesting to see which generates the most arguments […]

19 Jul 2011

Revealing Lion’s Hidden Library Folder

The OS X user-level Library folder (/Users/<your short name>/Library, or ~/Library for short) is hidden by default in OS X, from Lion onwards. I’m going to show you several different ways to show and open your Library in Lion, in increasing order of geekiness and permanence. Mavericks update: Yet another, easier, way to reveal your library has […]