25 Feb 2015

Double or Nothing

Double or Nothing

I often run out of space on my MacBook. It’s one of the second generation Airs, from 2010, the entry-level model. It came with a 120GB drive, which seemed a bit small at the time, and has looked increasingly tiny as I’ve added Eclipse and Xcode and other development stuff over the years. I’ve recently moved […]

8 Feb 2015

Musings on the Functional High Ground

Musings on the Functional High Ground

Both my Macs are quite elderly right now. While they’re still powerful enough for most tasks I put them to, I’m starting to bump into issues just because of their age. For example, Intel don’t seem to be too bothered about supporting Core 2 Duo chips in HAXM any more, which is stopping my Android […]

9 Nov 2013

Trace/BPT trap: 5 when accessing SystemVersion.plist in Mavericks

If you’re reading this blog entry because you’re a subscriber, I’d stop now and skip this one. Unless you’re extremely geeky. This is more of a public service announcement to anyone who’s installed OSX 10.9 and Xcode 5, and finds themselves oddly unable to compile even the simplest program using the command-line tools, from gcc […]

22 Jul 2013

Command-Backslash not working with the 1Password Safari Extension?

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For us old-school keyboard-lovers, 1Password’s Safari extension provides a handy shortcut: pressing Cmd-\ activates the extension. If you’ve found this doesn’t work on your Mac (it worked fine on my Air, but not on my iMac), it’s probably a conflict with another keyboard shortcut. Head into System Preferences→Keyboard and check through the Keyboard Shortcuts for […]

24 Dec 2011

iTunes Match and Podcast Playlists: A Fix!

In my last post, I described the problems I was having syncing manual podcast playlists between iTunes and my iPhone after I upgraded to iTunes Match/iCloud. Well, it looks like I got an early Christmas present from YouOverRotated, who commented: I was in the same exact situation, except mine’s a BMW, not a Mini =). […]