15 May 2010

I Has Made a Web Site

This is just like when you post what you think is a really fucking original photo to Flickr and the first fucking comment you get is “Hi! I’m an admin for the ‘Upside‐down photos of penguins wearing bobblehats (shot on Velvia)’ group, and we’d love to have your photo added to the 2,947,341 photos that […]

17 Sep 2008

Book Published!

Hurrah! As Hayley, my erstwhile editor, notes in her blog, the book that I wrote a moderate chunk of last year has now been published: Defining Moments in Science: Over a Century of the Greatest Scientists, Discoveries, Inventions and Events That Rocked the Scientific World Disclaimer: I don’t actually have a copy of it yet, […]

26 Mar 2008

New Null Blog Entry

I just posted my first contribution to the Null Hypothesis Unlikely Science blog. That’s the first thing I’ve properly written and published anywhere outside my own blog since I finished the last batch of book articles for them. I’m working on a lot of content for a new website at the moment, so I’m still […]

21 Dec 2007

New Article: Christmas Nuts

I have a new article up on the Null Hypothesis website. It’s called Christmas Nuts, and it’s a careful, indepth analysis of psychiatric problems at Christmas. Not.

16 Nov 2007

Going well…

Just a quick update: I’ve been writing articles for the book I mentioned in my last post. I sent my editor the first batch of ten articles, and she asked me for ten more, which I guess has to be a good sign, but has kept me very busy. The good news is that with […]