5 Jul 2007

Day Seven: Same mind, different day.

In a strange turnabout from the past couple of days, last night I didn’t sleep very well, and kept on waking up and not drifting off again for ages. I also had yet another struggle getting out of bed — I wonder if there’s an unconscious desire not to get up and get on with my changed […]

3 Jul 2007

Day Five: Tired as a Tired Thing

Ugh. So, I went to bed earlier than usual tonight, and had trouble this morning dragging myself out of an odd dream (involving a hotel room, like the last time, but this one was about the battle for a contract between two rival mobile phone companies. I’ve probably been exposed to too much iPhone hype […]

24 Jun 2007

The Meaning of Second Life

Here’s a good portent to start off my new dedication to writing: I’ve finally got back into online journalism in a small way. This week, Null Hypothesis published an article I wrote for them on Second Life. It’s in their more serious (read: “not complete bollocks”) section, Straight Talking, and it’s not a particularly funny […]