18 Jul 2007

Day 20: Coming unblocked

The morning meditation was interesting this morning. I tried counting the breaths, which worked quite well for a while; I got as far as forty-something before my thoughts drifted for long enough to lose count. But it was a tried morning; I think I drank coffee too late last night, and I had real trouble […]

13 Jul 2007


Just a quickie.  Null Hypothesis have just published the article I was writing on WiTricity.  Which at least means I’ve written something worthwhile this month!

12 Jul 2007

Day Fourteen: The Only Way Is Up

After waking from yet another weird dream, this time involving horse racing, and a quick shower, the meditation went better today. There were at least a few periods where I was focused on the flame for a little while, and I “caught myself” quicker when I wandered off. I’m still regularly plagued by music, thoughts […]

11 Jul 2007

Day Thirteen: Not much in the way of progress

Another day, another fifteen minutes sitting in front of a candle whilst thinking about random other things. That was after starting the day with yet another odd dream, this one involving playing with big fluid magnets and finding out that there was a big chunk of metal embedded in my body. Then followed another day with […]

6 Jul 2007

Day Eight: Flicker

A brief flicker of… something, during this morning’s session. I had a minute or two when I thought I was getting the hang of it, really focusing on the flame. I felt some determination, some gumption for a while, to concentrate on the tip of this damn candle, no matter what. However, that drifted off […]