20 Aug 2007

Black cats and ladders and luck, oh my!

My latest article has just been published by Null Hypothesis.  More fun and fluff, this time on the subject of supersition.

8 Aug 2007

Null Biog Page

I’ve just sent in my latest contribution to Null Hypothesis, which, all going well, should be up in a couple of weeks.  I also sent them a little bio and a picture, and I now have my own page in the Null rogues gallery, with links to all my (two so far) articles…

23 Jul 2007

Day 25: A Quick Morning Meditation Note

This will be a quick update today, as I have a fair few things to do, not least of which is the Freelance Journalism course I’m going on this afternoon. Unfortunately I seemed to have a lot of mind-pressure from my “to do” list this morning, which kept pushing me away from the meditation. But […]

22 Jul 2007

Days 23 and 24: On flying and walking

Saturday: Yesterday was mostly a day of tiredness and lack of focus. Rather too late I pulled together enough sense to try to turn it around, and took a nap that lasted somewhere between half an hour and an hour (using an interesting little program called pzizz.) After that I was a bit groggy for […]

22 Jul 2007

The Physical Act of Writing, or Is Longhand Always Best?

A few people have told me now that I should write longhand, at least for the first draft of something. Here’s why I mostly won’t be doing that. The rationale behind the advice on longhand writing seems mostly to be based on the immediacy and sensuality of the writing act when done with a pen and […]