25 Jul 2007

Day 27: On Walking in this World, and Walking in this Universe

I went to bed very early last night, and got up feeling refreshed, about a half-hour later than usual this morning. It’s a shame I didn’t have time to sit down and meditate, as I was feeling very awake and positive, and a sitting meditation would probably have worked quite nicely. However, I’ll have to […]

24 Jul 2007

Day 26: Another swift update

A disappointing tale today. I’m just too tired. I did try to meditate when I’d finally, drearily, rolled myself out of bed this morning, but it just didn’t really take. Then I went to work, where I basically moped around and didn’t really manage to achieve anything. I came home as early as possible, I’ve […]

23 Jul 2007

Day 25: A Quick Morning Meditation Note

This will be a quick update today, as I have a fair few things to do, not least of which is the Freelance Journalism course I’m going on this afternoon. Unfortunately I seemed to have a lot of mind-pressure from my “to do” list this morning, which kept pushing me away from the meditation. But […]

22 Jul 2007

Days 23 and 24: On flying and walking

Saturday: Yesterday was mostly a day of tiredness and lack of focus. Rather too late I pulled together enough sense to try to turn it around, and took a nap that lasted somewhere between half an hour and an hour (using an interesting little program called pzizz.) After that I was a bit groggy for […]

22 Jul 2007

The Physical Act of Writing, or Is Longhand Always Best?

A few people have told me now that I should write longhand, at least for the first draft of something. Here’s why I mostly won’t be doing that. The rationale behind the advice on longhand writing seems mostly to be based on the immediacy and sensuality of the writing act when done with a pen and […]