Day 25: A Quick Morning Meditation Note

Posted by on Jul 23, 2007 in Journalism, Meditation | No Comments

This will be a quick update today, as I have a fair few things to do, not least of which is the Freelance Journalism course I’m going on this afternoon. Unfortunately I seemed to have a lot of mind-pressure from my “to do” list this morning, which kept pushing me away from the meditation. But I sat for the whole 15 minutes and kept trying.

In other news, I’ve previously written about the possibility of me looking into the Western Chan Fellowship’s meditation sessions. The key man from the Fellowship, from what I’ve gathered over reading their website and newsletter, is John Crook. Yesterday I was reading my copy of The Meditator’s Handbook in the bath (as you do) and it quoted… John Crook. Checking the bibliography for the reference, I found out that David Fontana, the author of The Meditator’s Handbook, has even co-edited a book with him.

I think this may be one of those hints from the universe.

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