Day 26: Another swift update

Posted by on Jul 24, 2007 in Meditation | No Comments

A disappointing tale today. I’m just too tired. I did try to meditate when I’d finally, drearily, rolled myself out of bed this morning, but it just didn’t really take. Then I went to work, where I basically moped around and didn’t really manage to achieve anything. I came home as early as possible, I’ve already eaten, and if there wasn’t quite such loud music coming from the flat above me I’d probably already have settled down to sleep.

As it is, I’m going to do a bit of tidying up, and maybe some other things that won’t need brain-power, and then I’m going to get an early night, and if I need earplugs and a sleeping-mask to do it, then so be it. Tomorrow I want to be awake enough to enjoy the day.

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