30 Jan 2013

New Phrase

To polish your pomodoro: To procrastinate by wasting time improving your system for getting things done. (I just caught myself literally polishing my pomodoro. Though mine’s technically a peperone; I couldn’t find a tomato in the shop.)

24 Jan 2013

AD3: From Forklifts to Ferraris

Artist date #3 was an auction. A friend had told me about a Dreweatts, just south of the river from me, who often had interesting items on sale — I’d been looking for a broken old-school radio to use as a project box for something. I’d never been to an auction. A good artist date, I figured. […]

21 Jan 2013

AD2: Walking In This World

My second1 artist date of the year was a glorious walk through Leigh Woods, helped to be even more glorious by the weather. One of the joys of working from home, for me, is the ability to take a day off at the drop of a hat. Obviously this is a work-from-home superpower that should […]

17 Jan 2013

Bristol and the Myth of the British High Street

The media wake of HMV’s demise features a lot of claims about the death of the British high street. It prompted me to figure out why I stopped going to HMV.  Thinking back, it wasn’t because the stock was overpriced. It wasn’t because I couldn’t find what I wanted, though I often couldn’t. Unlike Virgin, it […]

11 Jan 2013

AD1: Swanning Around the Harbourside

You may have noticed that when I mentioned wanting to do an Artist Date for every week in 2013, it was already the end of the first week of the year. I toyed with the idea of making my New Year’s Day 10K walk my first Artist Date of the year, as it sort-of qualifies: a […]