28 Feb 2013

AD7: King of Bristol: Climbing Cabot Tower

I’m playing catchup on my artist dates, as I managed to miss one last week, having gone to Porstmouth for the weekend on fairly short notice. As you do. Yesterday, therefore, I went for a bit of a walk, to visit a place that really says “Bristol” to me, but which I’ve not visited for years […]

19 Feb 2013

Making a thing that goes “Bong!”

I’ve been meditating for a while. For decades, in fact, on and off. I normally use a meditation timer provided by a plug-in to the Mac app pzizz, whose primary function is actually getting you off to sleep, or power napping. But pzizz doesn’t seem to be supported any more, and I wanted something a […]

19 Feb 2013

AD6: Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Playing catchup: my artist date from last week was a quick jaunt to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, which I realised was leaving Bristol on Sunday. I enjoy the exhibition. As with past years, though, I walked past the signs at Bristol’s City Museum quite a few times, thinking, “Oh, it’s on for […]

17 Feb 2013

Meditation Chimer

Well, it scratched an itch I had, and didn’t take long to write.  Meditation Chimer. App Icon. It times. It chimes. It’s simple. Meditation Chimer is a simple meditation timer app for Android. It will chime for the start and end of your meditation, and optionally ch…

9 Feb 2013

Making a Dragon

I’ve had a Walter Ruffler Paper Machines kit of a Chinese dragon waiting for me to get around to building it for a very long time. More than a year, in fact, as it was a birthday pressie last year. I finally got around to it. I also used it as the first proper test of […]